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pretty packaging: korean skincare

My cousin came back from Korea with a suitcase filled with beauty products. While they can serve odd purposes, these products have such cool, colorful packaging that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. This facial soap is made in the shape of an egg, and packaged a mini egg carton too. Awesome packaging idea and […]

grand canyon.

Next up in our west-of-the-rockies road trip, the Grand Canyon.  We finally arrived at the South Rim around 7 pm. It was not the best of planning that day. The drive through was absolutely beautiful, a single black line through the red carpet. When we arrived, we only had a few hours to take in […]

’14 summer roadtrip: yellowstone np

For the first two weeks of August, I went on what I called a west-of-the-rockies road trip. The first day consisted of a 13 hour drive from Seattle to Yellowstone. Our first night was at Grant Village. The next morning we headed out to the east side of the loop.    And finally we arrived […]

currently: favorite hairdo

So recently, I’ve been trying to find new ways to do my hair. I was always the half-up half-down and ponytail girl, nothing special. I’ve been absolutely loving this look with my hair and have been doing it for the past few weeks. I’m not one to go too crazy when playing with hair. There […]


For the first time in a long time, we had snow here in Seattle, twice. The first time was in December and we got a couple inches but it all melted away quite quick. Last week, it came down again! A few more inches than before but still gone by the end of the day. I […]