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currently: favorite hairdo

So recently, I’ve been trying to find new ways to do my hair. I was always the half-up half-down and ponytail girl, nothing special. I’ve been absolutely loving this look with my hair and have been doing it for the past few weeks. I’m not one to go too crazy when playing with hair. There […]

collab: running

The amazingly talented Tash Evens and I collaborated on a story-writing post. We each wrote a 100-word beginning of a story, traded, and finished them! Here’s how my story (with Tash’s beginning) turned out. Tash’s words are in italics 🙂 And don’t forget to check out her story next. Running There they go again – […]

Two beaches.

There are two types of beaches. One where the sun shines bright and the sand is fine. Hundreds of people lay on blankets and run through the little waves. The bright colors against the bright yellow of the sand and the bright blue of sky attract you as if it were a museum painting that […]

plateaus: the boring part of a journey

I’ve always found the middle part of everything (except for food) to be pretty forgettable. School, instruments, activities, all of it. And recently, I found out that I’m not crazy for feeling so. I have a cello competition on Friday. I didn’t want to do it. But I got stuck with it so I thought […]


They all started to float. The pencils. They all started rising off the tables. The pens that held all the work and time we put into school. They started turning towards the prisoners of sheeple and pierced through their hearts. Disappearing,  they changed the kids. Abigale’s face started crawling with wrinkles. Her clothes became a dark, […]


For the first time in a long time, we had snow here in Seattle, twice. The first time was in December and we got a couple inches but it all melted away quite quick. Last week, it came down again! A few more inches than before but still gone by the end of the day. I […]