Intern at Moorea Seal


Storefront Intern // Started June 2017

The Moorea Seal store is a curated selection of beautiful accessories and objects, highlighting handmade artists. They have a fresh, chic, and sleek approach to modern women’s accessories with a touch of rustic sensibility. They have a  boutique in Belltown that sells clothing, stationery, jewelry, and lots more.

I’ve been following the brand for years and through the internship, I get to learn everything about how the storefront works (restocking, merchandising, finances), back operations (inventory, shipping, wholesale operations, buying trips), and meet all the owners and Moorea Seal herself!

I was also working while they were moving from their small storefront to a larger one in Pioneer Square so I got to see how a store is built and the process behind moving and fitting in the new space. Additionally, I helped with their online presence (curating pins for Pintrest, answering customer service emails) and see how they rebranded to match their more mature style.

Photo from the Moorea Seal Instagram.