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53/100 productive days

Sometimes I’ll have really productive days. I’ll get everything I need to done, and the little things I’ve been putting off. That energy will keep me motivated and feeling on top of things for a few days. I had one of those days yesterday and it’s been the first in a long while! It made […]

36/100 sunny days

Sunny days. Busy weeks. It was the first hot day of the year. The sun shone through a cloudless sky and the breeze was only barely there. We laid on the blanket, surrounded by crumbs from croissants and quinoa salads. A big white dog came jumping from the water and had a good slobber over […]

34/100 year of less

After reading A Year of Less, I learned a lot about the strength of ourselves. I also learned a bit about living with less (although not as much as I had hoped). There was one idea that struck me the most amongst the talk of family, emotions, and money. It started with an info graphic/chart. […]

29/100 feeling my age

On a rare bus ride to school, I had the thought that I felt my age. It’s probably common for most people to feel their age, but I’ve always felt older than I was growing up. In first grade, I saw myself as the level-headed cool friend who knew what she was doing, but was […]

20/100 sunday thoughts

Some random thoughts: Today is Earth Day! This was the first time in my whole life where I felt a part of the celebration and focus on awareness. I hope to do more next year, with some real activism. My baby brought me milk bar confetti cookies all the way from DC! They’re delicious, incredibly […]

18/100 ideas

A few days ago, I talked about the goods and the bads about my current state and how it was going to help me determine my next move. Here are some ideas that combined the love for design and shipping things (lol). postcards greeting cards stationery pins stickers (clear!) t-shirts and sweatshirts packaging!

16/100 the goods and bads

In a podcast I was listening to today, I heard something along the lines of this: when thinking about pivoting/transitioning, you should realize the things that are good about the current moment and the things that are bad (no go’s). At the moment, I’ve got the magazine on hold, looking for the next steps for […]

15/100 waiting for a project

I am a person who wants things to do. I enjoy feeling like I have a purpose and something to look forward to and excited about. For a long while, that has been been my magazine. Before, it was the blog. And before that, it was cardmaking. I still love my magazine and where it’s […]

14/100 being bored

I haven’t been this bored in a long time. While the minutes tick by regardless, some moments just move slower than others. There’s a frustration that comes with being bored. My time is going down the drain and (when in class) there is nothing I can do about it. I doodle on my paper, think […]

13/100 small aims

Today was a fantastic day. Really. But that means I don’t have much today. Here are some things I’ve learned, and aimed to do from now on. Buy ethical clothing. Pieces from companies with ethical procedures and fair treatment of labor. That includes buying high quality clothes that I can continue to wear or donate, […]