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48/100 driving

Driving for the year or so has been a point of stress. I’m always worried and check the weather before hand (sheeting rain making my stress even higher). The past few days, however, the family car has been all mine. I get to drive to school, from one to the other, to the grocery store, […]

47/100 market Saturday

The ups and downs of a day are getting a little crazy. Today, there was one down and then a recovery, but it still surprises me that it happens at all. Just a few weeks ago, good days were good and good all the way through. Bad days were bad all the way through (except […]

22/100 bunny

We were walking along the trail, looking at the marshes and lingering in the soft sunshine. I was probably in the middle of a sentence when you stopped me and stared into the bushes. I followed your gaze and saw a pile of leaves. With a bit of adjustment, I saw him. He was a […]

21/100 stationery

Continuing with my search for my next project, one of the areas I wanted to look into was stationery. A beautiful letterpressed card or a perfect stickers gets me heart fluttering. It’s rare these days with so many designers and styles. I found myself unsure of my own style and preference. So I headed to […]

3/100 one hundred days away

I came to realize that 100 days is much longer than I thought when Siri told me that I’d be finishing the project in mid-July. Mid-July. In mid-July, I’ll have gone to prom, finished classes, graduated high school, and passed down all responsibility to the next class below. It’ll be sunny and warm (I hope) […]

1/100 the reasoning

It’s the first day of the 100 Day Project and I was quite excited about this yesterday. Today, however, it’s a bit of a struggle getting started. I thought I’d begin this project with why I’m doing it and why I chose blogging to be me activity for the next one hundred days. I’ve followed the […]


I’ve had this post in my drafts ever since I got back in April. I thought I’d write out all my thoughts but my experience was not what I expected. So here are the photos, take a look for yourself.

the streets of san francisco 

A few days before Christmas, I was in the beautiful San Francisco. The roads caught my eye; the hills make every street a view into the city. Here are five streets of San Francisco.