91/100 Iā€™m back, baby.

I’ve never been so happy to be home, with my dog, watching videos, and responding to emails in bed. Exciting things are happening and sweet things too. I don’t know why I’m so pumped, but I laugh so hard at the little things my dog does. This pressure inside me could easily turn into stress, but for now, it’s all energy baby.

90/100 the power of food

An enjoyable trip has to have good food. It’s not hard to achieve these days with the help of Yelp, but it’s just as crucial as ever. When the trip is going well already, good food just solidifies the whole thing into the history books.

When the trip, such as this past weekend’s, is not going well, the agenda is empty and the location is a let down, food is the only thing that can turn things around instantly.

For the first day’s dinner, the family was exhausted but the day was still early. There was a grill so we tried it out. We grilled the meats (without anything fancy) and the fruits, and anything we could get our hands on. It was a family endeavor from the cooking to the taste testing. The food was delicious and satisfying, and ended the day on a warm note.

The next day’s lunch was set as the main event for the day. We drove into town, looked around for a moment, then sat down for some amazing crepes, quiche, soup, and focaccia blt. My attitude was lifted, headache gone, and wasn’t too irritated when the family decided to take some long detours.

Food is amazing. Of course, it can be delicious, any good restaurant will show you. But the power it has in connecting and calming families will never cease to astonish. There’s a reason why family events are best centered around a meal: it’s a fix for everyone.

89/100 cooking

A good moment from today.

I realized I’ve gotten so much better at cooking this past year. I credit that almost all to C.

When we first started having homemade lunches together, it was primarily composed of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world. When we weren’t feeling that, it was C who headed the lunch operation and created a nice meal from whatever we had. Through tens of lunches together, my taste buds have grown so much smarter. They can actually identify flavors now and the lack thereof too.

A few months ago, I attempted a week of clean eating for my family. I grocery shopped and I cooked every meal for 5 days. I followed buzzfeed’s planning for this and the practice of reading a recipe and executing taught me just how easy cooking can really be. The food turned out great most of the time, and it always surprised me how easy it was. It also taught me that recipes leave out a lot of steps they think you’ll already know, and I won’t know them. Some more googling and trials can easily fix that though.

Today, I saw a grill and I jumped on it. I grilled what veggies we had, along with some meat and fruit lol. I used my seasoning knowledge to make the most of the few spices available at our hotel and the family liked it! I think they liked everything we grilled.

I realized on the drive here that I live for the “life” accomplishments. While I am incredibly excited by and proud of my work or career related achievements, the ones from my personal life make me even prouder and fulfilled. Learning to cook is a big one that makes me feel put together and prepared for the world. Learning to drive felt like that too. They are big milestones in ones life that may not be unique, but can be so deep and personal that it feels like I’m putting a adding piece onto myself, getting me one step closer to being my fullest.

88/100 bunny watching

Bunnies are everywhere this year, and I should’ve seen it coming. We had two bunnies living in the kayaks we kept in the backyard last fall. Come spring, there are bunnies all around if you start looking.

Some are tiny, baby bunnies that could fit into your hand if they left you. Others are fat, bigger than my dog at times and their behinds bounce up and down with each jump.

As much as it annoys my family and the vegetable garden they are trying to grow, I love how the abundance of bunnies has given me a new activity.

Since I want to hang out with both C and my dog, the only activity available right now to fit is taking her for a walk together. We’ll walk all around the park, meet some other dogs in the off leash area, and finally settle at a nice bench.

She’s happy sniffing around and finally laying on the grass. We are happy to a break and chat. After a few minutes, something will move in the corner of my eye. It’s a bunny.

We look and admire the cute animal, watching it nibble on the grass and sometimes sunbathe in it. We almost never only see one, and in another few moments we’ll realize there was a second bunny just a few feet away. We’ll watch that guy for a bit, and when we look back at the first bunny, it’s already moved to reveal even more friends.

This is the first year it’s been such a bunny land over here, but I take it as a sweet gift from the city as we part ways. Here’s another memory that I could only have here, in beautiful, trafficy Seattle, WA.

87/100 first week of summer

Every year, I feel like my summer will slip away from me if I don’t reflect on it ever few weeks. Although I guess the whole summer is only a few weeks. See how fast it is? We’re just at the end of June now, which means we’re still starting. Even so, I want to remember just how much I’ve already done to enjoy my summer, my beloved summer, since graduation.

In the last week or so, I’ve:

  • Gone to afternoon tea at the Fairmount.
  • Went to a sweet graduation party and met so many kind family members.
  • Skipped a graduation party that would’ve drained me.
  • Read an email that showed me I need to trust my gut more.
  • Sent out emails for wholesale and got a couple responses.
  • Sent a sample to a store!
  • Had a 12 oz cup of pure dark chocolate.
  • Sent out a newsletter.
  • Finished The Female Persuasion (two stars).
  • Went hiking!
  • Learned how to fix a dead car battery with jumper cables.
  • Took my grandparents to a biscuit cafe.
  • Went to Paint the Town, finally doing what I said I would do after college admissions were over.
  • Got milkshakes and a root beer float.
  • Slept so much more.

86/100 website inspiration

A good website needs stunning photos. The crazy thing is, everyone has stunning photos. So I need high quality photos to even get into the game, let alone win. That stresses me out quite a bit because I have no resources to get them.

My first, and free, step, was to save some photos from Instagram that had the color, style, and composition that I wanted. I have no idea how I’m going to get them, but it looks like I’m going to need models, a lot of props, and good lighting.

I want to get everything in one photo shoot day. I’m saying this with no reference to how the photos will look or how long I can book the room for. To be honest, I don’t have much idea of what I’m doing at all.

It hit me how much power photography has these days, giving a sense of credibility and belonging. If I could harness photography, I could harness its power as well.

If you have any tips on running a photo shoot with very few people, let me know! This is just the beginning.

85/100 lessons learned

After a nice hike at one of the mountains that are so close to us (going to miss that on the east coast!), C and I found our car battery, dead. I’ve oddly learned a lot about car batteries recently, and both of us knew what to do.

I wasn’t surprised by the kindness of strangers as we asked if they had jumper cables in their cars. People have always been quite nice around here. I was surprised, however, by how only one person of the more than 20 people we asked had them!

It somehow made me feel a little old fashioned, because for some reason I thought everyone was supposed to have one of those in their car. I did enjoy seeing all the mental notes being taken in people’s minds to make sure to put some cables on their car for the future.

Lesson learned: always have a jumper cable in your car, even if you’ve got one of the new fancy ones that turns everything off when you lock it. šŸ™‚

83/100 good people

Better people. It’s hard with family, but everyone else can moved closer and farther from yourself.

People from the past have made me jump to moving farther before giving them another chance. It’s showing through a little more than usual lately, and I’m not sure if it’s something I should change. This habit protects me. It filters through the people who are strong, not naive to the ways of the world and aware of the grey between the black and white. They inspire me in ways that I always try to return.

These are the better people. The good people. They’re not always the most obvious, but they’re always there. I love those people, and every time I am reminded of the bad people, I appreciate them even more. With so many new people coming into my life soon, who knows who will pass through my filter. Who will be the good people?

82/100 doing nothing

I had the thought today that if I wanted, I could have nothing to do. No teacher or timeline can force me into action if I don’t desire to do so. Each day can be wide open, possibly filled with spontaneous adventure and possibly with nothing.

While the thought is comforting, a reminder that I everything I do chose to do is for myself, I can’t do it. I can’t live through a summer with nothing to drive me, no goals to reach. No value to each day that I can given. Nothing to make each day worth remembering. The magazine is a treasure trove of to-dos and as it’s my only activity, I’m kind of relying on it to give me purpose with each day. I always need to be working towards something work related. It’s not enough to just focus on health and moving this summer. Where’s the work? The productive fruits of my labor?

In 18 days (eighteen?? What! Is this how fast time goes when raising a child?) this blogging project will be over too. Updating my portfolio will be the project to work on here.

The magazine feels like its forever fading and losing attention. My thoughts on its future change every day. ?ā€ā™€ļø

My art is another project to work on, however with the death of my art tablet I’m left a few steps away from moving forward.

I think it’s a good time to consult my list of summer goals I made a bit ago. See what I’ve accomplished and see what my next steps are!