poketo pop-up at nordstrom

this week on #successfulsummer, I do something I’ve wanted to do.


I saw the Poketo pop-up (or pop-in) allover Instagram a few weeks ago, and last Friday, I finally got the chance to visit.


My cousin and I went and it was everything I imagined and more. The guy manning the pop-up was possibly the awesomest guy ever. He took this photo for us and talked about everything like it was his life’s meaning. I was so busy looking at everything, oooing and ahhing, that I didn’t remember to take any close up photos! I wanted everything. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything. 🙁


But it was the highlight of my week; I finally got to go somewhere I wanted and it was happiness in a ten by five space.


DSC_7896DSC_7892  book insides collage

While Target moved its whole section of awesome notebooks into a black hole (and replaced it with a weird line of neon stuff), found these incredibly nerdy and incredibly fantastic notebooks. They’re super nice and the pop of color on the inside is great. They have a cool techy embossed design on each cover and the terabyte, megabyte, and kilobyte covers? too cool. Kilobyte has a grid pattern inside, Megabyte has a lined pattern, and Terabyte is blank.

Why am I telling you about this? Besides the fact that they are really cool (ice cold), I am doing a giveaway! One winner will receive all three notebooks. I’m really excited about doing this giveaway, as part of my #successfulsummer, and because I want to share great things with you guys. 🙂 Also, this blog has passed it’s first birthday about two weeks ago and this is it’s belated birthday gift. 🙂 I started this blog last summer and look how far is gone! Thanks so much guys, really.



currently: favorite hairdo

DSC_7783So recently, I’ve been trying to find new ways to do my hair. I was always the half-up half-down and ponytail girl, nothing special. I’ve been absolutely loving this look with my hair and have been doing it for the past few weeks. DSC_7751 I’m not one to go too crazy when playing with hair. There was this girl at my school who had this cool, little “poof” in front that looked great on her. It took me awhile, but I figured it out. Just a simple side part (crazy for me), and a braid. DSC_7778 DSC_7798 To keep it all together, I opted for these hair ties rather than bobbi pins. They never stay in my hair! DSC_7823 Well, there ya go. My first ever hair post. (the photography was way harder than I thought)

collab: running

The amazingly talented Tash Evens and I collaborated on a story-writing post. We each wrote a 100-word beginning of a story, traded, and finished them! Here’s how my story (with Tash’s beginning) turned out. Tash’s words are in italics 🙂 And don’t forget to check out her story next.


There they go again – arguing, I’m sick of it. Sometimes I wish that I was a different person, sometimes I wish I was dead. Sometimes I think the only thing that will stop them arguing is if something awful happened to the family.
I shout downstairs, “I’m going out!”
As I leave, I slam the door as hard as I can and run. I run as far and as fast as possible. I didn’t know where but I didn’t care. 
I reached a fairground and took in the sights and smells around me.

Then came the screams. Then I ran…

With only the new moon as a light, I headed into the forest. Branches slapped my legs and my feet twisted as they landed on sharp rocks and stones. I didn’t care though, they needed to be reminded that there were other people on the planet.

I could hear the beating of my heart in my ears, and as I focused on putting one foot in front of the other, I realized that the forest was getting thicker and thicker. I stopped.

Standing under the leaf silhouettes and smelling the crisp, cold air. It tasted like loneliness. My back slid down one of the many tall Western Hemlocks. I hugged my knees and I sat there, numb to everything but my thoughts.

I’m a runner, I said in my head, I run away from problems. I can’t help it. It’s so easy to just ignore it until the last minute.

I heard another scream. It came from behind me. Slow and quite, I walked towards the scream. The forest started clearing, and through a layer of leaves and branches, I saw a girl.

She lay on the ground, in a lake of wine. Before I could react, I saw something else in the corner of my eye.

A red Honda Civic lay on the ground, just like the girl. Flipped over with its windows shattered, I saw a women hanging in the drivers side. The car erupted into flames, blinding me for a moment. I smelled gasoline and blood. And then, a siren.

I turned around and ran. They were going to be fine, I thought, the police and ambulance are here, they’ll be okay. I kept running, along the road but still separated by the layer or foliage.


“Last night, police found a red civic in flames on the side of the I-100 highway. Officials say that the owner was Brenda Sheldon, a 42-year old women from Eugene. Both her and her daughter where in the car when it crashed and are now in the hospital suffering severe injuries. Police say Ms. Sheldon was under the influence when she crashed”

“As police conducted their investigation, they had found that Ms. Sheldon’s husband, Sam Sheldon, had been charged with domestic violence in previous states and is not facing federal charges.”

I turned back to the cup of coffee I was gripping in my hands. The diner was practically empty, only bikers and road-trippers inhabited this road-side food joint. I threw five dollars onto the table and went outside. My phone told me that I was only two miles from my house. I started walking, and didn’t stop.

I turned the key and the door opened. 9 am on a Friday meant my parents where at work, one of the only times when they weren’t arguing. I lifted my body up each step until I was at my parents bedroom. I left a note and went into my own room.


Finally home, I thought. I just wanted to plop down on my bed. I didn’t want to argue with Darrell anymore and my daughter had been gone missing. I dropped all my stuff at the base of the stairs. Darrell’s gonna hate that, I thought. And no dinner ready for him when he gets home? Oh he’ll be pissed. I trudged up to my room.

On my bed was a note. It read:

Stop running.

Two beaches.


There are two types of beaches.

One where the sun shines bright and the sand is fine. Hundreds of people lay on blankets and run through the little waves. The bright colors against the bright yellow of the sand and the bright blue of sky attract you as if it were a museum painting that you actually liked.

The second are the cold ones. The dark, windy beaches where you stand in the hard sand in your warmest winter attire. Arms wrapped around yourself; the sound of the huge waves crashing on the rocky shore filling your ears. These are the places where you figure things out. The wind wakes you up and the waves calm you down. There is no one around to break your peace, no strangers to steal your spot. It’s just you, the ocean, and your mind.

Those are the beaches I live for.



20140427-181425.jpg20140427-175358.jpgPortland, you are just too cool.


1.Powell’s City of Books is the best. THE BEST.

2.And Salt & Straw? It’s like the Molly Moon’s of Portland-they are both equally good.

3. We also went to Pittock Mansion, a huge house for a Portland pioneer, which had some great lighting and decorations (everything else was a bit boring).


plateaus: the boring part of a journey

20140427-173558.jpgI’ve always found the middle part of everything (except for food) to be pretty forgettable. School, instruments, activities, all of it. And recently, I found out that I’m not crazy for feeling so.

I have a cello competition on Friday. I didn’t want to do it. But I got stuck with it so I thought I’d at least try. After practicing for a long time, I felt like I wasn’t getting any better. And I definitely wasn’t. Then I read a i-don’t-even-know-if-i-can-trust article, it told me that improvement from practicing isn’t a linear line. It goes up, plateaus, and goes up again.  You keep working and working, practicing, and doing the problems. But you won’t feel any better or smarter. The improvements happen after a bunch of working  and you’ll climb up another level.

I also read another article saying that the way professional athletes get so good is by knowing how to get through the boring parts. The boring parts? It’s those plateaus. I now realize how important motivation is. Motivation to get through those boring parts and get to the the a higher step on the awesomeness ladder.

I used the app Unstuck, I talked about it a long time ago, and I got that I needed to find some way to make school and things I didn’t want to do enjoyable or art-related (’cause art is like my bestie). And I’m trying that, really. That’s how I plan on getting through the rest of school.


There. I wanted to share with you the things I’ve learned in the past few weeks. Learned something or wanna share a story about motivation? Comment.



20140331-173831.jpgThey all started to float. The pencils. They all started rising off the tables. The pens that held all the work and time we put into school. They started turning towards the prisoners of sheeple and pierced through their hearts. Disappearing,  they changed the kids. Abigale’s face started crawling with wrinkles. Her clothes became a dark, heather gray. The pink pleats turned into a white collar; the sweater became a dress suit; her leggings became a pencil skirt. The other kids changed too. Some became suit-wearers, others wore sweats and held unpaid bills. The teacher fell and so did some kids.  But they weren’t kids anymore. They were adults, adults whose childhood flew away and whose biggest bags were under their eyes. The adults looked around, realizing what was going on and what they were. Most people realized they weren’t really anything at all.

One girl was different. She didn’t live in a suit or sweats. Her eyes weren’t filled with regret or questioning.  She got up, and left the classroom. She knew what she was doing.



For the first time in a long time, we had snow here in Seattle, twice. The first time was in December and we got a couple inches but it all melted away quite quick. Last week, it came down again! A few more inches than before but still gone by the end of the day. I played around with the snow and here are some of my favorite photos. DSC_6878DSC_6870DSC_6860DSC_6890DSC_6898DSC_6868DSC_6866DSC_6864DSC_6861DSC_6897DSC_6862DSC_6894

at the airport. Let’s go home.

20131110-203024.jpg(Random thoughts I keep thinking about throughout my three day vaycay in San Diego.)

Relaxing all day turns out just to be sleeping

Once you have a dog, it feels weird without one.

Cotton On is my new favorite store.

It feels like I’m staying in the middle of nowhere.

Always bring the charger.

Why, why did you pack way too many clothes?

Grey, cat-faced socks from Forever 21 make me really, really happy.

My sunglasses are awesome.

San Diego is sadly, not one of the places I want to live.

It’s hotter than an average Seattle summer here in November.

I’m really confused about my purpose and future.

What am I doing!?