48/100 driving

Driving for the year or so has been a point of stress. I’m always worried and check the weather before hand (sheeting rain making my stress even higher).

The past few days, however, the family car has been all mine. I get to drive to school, from one to the other, to the grocery store, to the park, to a cool wine place for a networking workshop. The freedom is amazing, of course, but there are so many other things that surprised me.

First, I loved the time I had. The hour long bus rides turned into a 15 min drive and I could run some errands between classes. My day is a million times longer.

Second, I’ve become more open and more excited to explore my town. Events a little farther away were now within my reach.

And third, I felt like I was taking control of my days, control of my life.

What was it like in a world without youthful car rides?

47/100 market Saturday

The ups and downs of a day are getting a little crazy. Today, there was one down and then a recovery, but it still surprises me that it happens at all.

Just a few weeks ago, good days were good and good all the way through. Bad days were bad all the way through (except for the brief moments I forget). Lately, however, good days have turned a bit bad at some points. All small things, of course, that bother me or annoy me. But still my mood is changed and it’s hard to get out of it.

For today, the mood recovered. But it doesn’t always. I had a lovely time at the farmers market. I brought home beautiful radishes and flowers. I spent the sunny afternoon with my love and my dog, who finally is happy hanging out outdoors.

Things are on the up and up I think. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

46/100 morning mingle

I woke up bright and early today, driving all the way downtown to attend my first Seattle Business Babes morning mingle.

The night before I had worried a lot about my outfit, finding that as always, I had nothing to wear. After a little shift in future clothing plans and mindset, I went to bed.

When I got there, I was one of the first people there and took a seat at the front. Sitting at the front has been something I try to do more. It not only helps with my poor vision, but it also motivates me to participate and speak up more.

There was some yogurt, tea, and some nice conversations. The workshop was great and educational (which social media workshops aren’t always!). I walked away some new outlooks on the how to handle the magazine Instagram and also the kind of person I connect with.

I have thought that maybe I should reflect some of the traits of people I find myself easily talking to. They’re bubbly and expressive and talk with confidence. I’m not the most bubbly person per se, but I could learn to talk more, talk confidently, and add a touch of personality that I’m usually a bit shy to show to strangers.

Lots of fun things have been gathered from the event. I love the mornings and am more motivated to dive back into my magazine.

Overall, it went better than I expected!! And that’s all you can really ask for. ๐Ÿ˜‰

45/100 a little treat

I finished taking the last standardized test of my high school career today! It wasn’t a very important one, but I was nervous nonetheless.

I’ve take many a tests, sitting at rows and rows of individuals desks in a cold gym. The floor is covered in a bright blue tarp to protect them and make every step extremely noticeable. When I’m in the testing room, I feel like I’m in a sea of students, all doing the same thing. I can’t usually focus for all 2-3 hours of each test so I’ll always have a few moments of looking around at everyone else.

Today’s went by alright. I had class before it, drove to school, then sat in the parking lot looking over the pages and pages of notes.

When the whole thing was over, I treated myself to some Molly Moons ice cream. I’ve been eyeing the birthday cake flavor and it was sweeter than I thought. Then again, the lift in my mood and stress was sweeter than expected too.

43/100 a positive

Today was a day of goods and not so goods, with the day starting pretty well and ending annoyed. That’s ok.

If there’s something worthwhile about today, however, is the small positive accomplishments.

There was one in particular that made me very happy. It’s going to sound weird, but being able to cut a few of my dogs nails was a highlight.

It’s been quite the struggle getting her to comply at the groomers and not run away at the sight of clippers at home. Lots of fighting, biting, and thrashing had me worried that she might never get them cut and be uncomfortable forever.

We tried a lot of things and the latest has been the dremel. I like it because I don’t have to know exactly where to cut, because this just grinds it away slowly. She still fought it, but after a lot of different positions, we finally found one she didn’t seem to mind.

It’s going to be a long process to fix all her nails, but it’s a good step. It gives me hope and I’m proud of myself. There isn’t anyone who is as proud as myself about this (dog nails, rly?) but it’s one positive about today.

42/100 an event to look forward to

Some things just seemed to align today.

As I walked into my morning class, the professor notified everyone that he had a conference that Friday and there would be no class. Friday also happened to be the day after my last standardized test of high school and a day where I had the car to drive around in. Seattle Business Babes were putting on their first morning event that day too, early enough that I could drive to my midday classes afterwards. Interesting.

Things seemed to line up in a way that let me go to the event, something a pre-mood Iris wanted to do more. It would be my very first! Ever! I’m not nervous yet, but I’m not very excited either.

It may be the mood or it may be the big test that’s the day before the event. Either way, I know I’m glad I bought the ticket and am attending. Lots of good things can come from it and I hope it gets me out of this slump.

40/100 croissants

It’s been a day of ups and downs. One thing I want to remember is the feeling of having experience.

This isn’t related to the actual making of the croissants, because I have very little experience with that. It is, however, related to a small discussion the class had with the instructor. She, being the bakery expert she is, listed some of her favorite cafes and bakeries in the area. To my surprise, I’ve actually gone to almost all of them.

Knowing what someone is talking about when I’m a beginner/interloper, is a rare but warm moment. I felt like I knew what was going on for a moment and I had my own opinions to contribute. It felt like in this past year of exploring the city, I’ve really gotten to know my hometown. If you get need a recommendation for food, I can actually give you one!

I don’t know if it’s just time, but I never thought I’d be as familiar with a place as I am with Seattle. A lot of that is thanks to C for showing accompanying me to all these amazing places. Part of it, however, might just be that I’m coming out of my shell and becoming part of my local community. (What a crazy thought)

39/100 pcc

I was lucky enough to be invited to a 2-day croissant and danish making class at the local (very Seattle) organic grocery store, PCC.

The one we went to was located in a small plaza. Above was apartments and below were lots and lots of little shops. The grocery store, of course, along with a froyo shop, a coffee and aรงaรญ bowl shop, a Pilates studio, a chiropractor, and a couple more.

The class took us to about 9pm, a time when PCC was only filled with busy moms and couples buying some snacks and groceries after a workout. It made me think about what I would be like to live in the small square, a few minutes away from a beautiful lake and surrounded by all the healthy goodness I could ever want. Pop downstairs for a workout class and head next door for a quick smoothie. Or, if I’m a little hungrier, head into PCC for one of their premade, perfectly-proportioned $5 lunches that I can heat up in their microwaves.

I think it’s a lifestyle I would really enjoy, if I was saving a lot of money as well. That kind of life, spending on routine exercise, healthy meals/drinks, and completely local/organic groceries, screams success to me. It sounds of healthy living and self care. It looks a lot like good income and job security. It feels like maybe these are the millennials and adults that will actually retire (because apparently they’re worried about that?).

My views are quite distorted by growing up in Seattle. Every person older 13 has a Patagonia fleece or jacket and has hiking as one of their favorite activities. I probably won’t grow up to be that person with a Hydroflask in one hand and the keys to my Tesla in the other. But being healthy and actually taking care of my body is something I want to achieve and is part of the way I define success.