For my first ever 100 Day Project, I chose blogging. My goal was to capture the thoughts I have, the revelations and all the feelings.

And I did. Not always organized, and not always amazing, but the thoughts are my own right in the moment. In these three or so months, I had some big highs and big lows.

The whole of May was a low. It sometimes showed in my posts, but I tried to not let it. The posts I wrote every evening were a chance to remember the good moments of the day. I made a list of favorite things at the moment, fantastic family gatherings, a sweet treat after testing, and even how I managed to cut a few of my dogs nails. When times were truly low, writing out my thoughts and feelings helped too.

I remembered why writing posts made the bad days bearable and the good days memorable. When I was being a “lifestyle blogger” back in the day, I guess I never really got to share these small moments. That’s why making mini albums every December was so fun for me.

I’ll always want to save the memories. I’ve been having a lot of amazing ones these past few years and while they make me forget about my phone and my worries, I still want to pull out the camera (on the phone) and capture a bit of the moment. We’re young and happy and who wouldn’t want to remember that forever?

100/100 a worthy achievement


When I look back in days, the start felt like a million years ago, back in April when I still had school, exams, new classes to navigate, and all the beautiful graduation activities.

Looking back in posts, on the other hand, makes me feel like the days were quick and that I didn’t produce much each day. But, I did produce something.

Committing to hard things or new habits has never been hard for me, if there’s a good reason to do so. This project of posting every day wasn’t very hard, but it was also a new part of my daily life that I had to adjust to. The good reason behind it was just that I wanted to see the project through and completion is always so easy when you know all the steps in advance.

Regardless, I’m proud of completing it. I don’t have a lot of side projects these days and the ones I do have don’t have a definitive end. I think I’d like to do more things like that.

I want to thank my lovely boyfriend for supporting all my posts, and reminding me that posting every day for 100 days is a big deal and deserves to be recognized. I shall do that with cake. 🙂

Today was also the day I got another wisdom tooth removed. It marks the start of a week or so of relaxing and staying at home. Oddly, I’ll have plenty of time to write posts and it’s exactly the time when I don’t have to anymore.

I’ll have a round up of the lessons I’ve learned in doing this project coming soon-, but I don’t know what will happen next. Maybe I’ll have more to say in the future. I already feel like I do. 🙂

99/100 the perfect summer day

is every day. It’s got hours of talking and laughing in the kitchen, making what food we can. Fruity drinks, Milano cookies, and applied sunscreen. Gentle sleeps in the hammock, cool sleeps in front of the television. Everything is going to be ok, and we’ll be together forever.

The sweetness of the sun leaves its trail all over of us. The sunsets keeps us out all night. I could not love you more.

98/100 reading!

At the start of 2018, I had the goal of reading 20 books by the time I went off to college in August. With the help of the public library and Goodreads, I achieved this yesterday!

I want to better honor my small achievements, so here are the 20 books I read!

Me being me, I leaned towards nonfiction and a wide range of lengths.

Joe Biden’s book was one of my favorites. It was sweet, honest, and strong. I showed me what a close family could look like.

Lean in and Big magic were two great reads that stuck with me.

At the end, I tried moving towards more fiction, although still in the realm of real-word contemplations. These five were not what I expected, but I got something out of each.

You can read my thoughts on some of these books on my Goodreads account!

My goal for the rest of the year is to read 15 more, for a total of 35 books! I know college is going to be hectic so we’re going to be realistic. Thirty-five is already crazy, considering I only read a handful last year. It makes me so happy that I’m making changes that put myself closer to who I want to be.

97/100 planning a photo shoot

In the process of redoing the magazine’s website, I’m planning a photo shoot to get some pretty photos for it! Photography has such power in websites (frustrating at times) and I hope to do the magazine justice!

Here’s the plan for the photo shoot!

Theme: sunny film, with a slight grayness over everything. Lots of plants and relaxation.

Locations: my neighbor’s backyard (filled with beautiful plants and sunshine! Additionally, a cafe with window seating and bright lighting.

People: mostly it’s me (or another girl if possible) and someone else’s arms. :))

Props: the magazine, printed version of printables, black notebook, coffee cup with coffee, pretty hand cream, phone, linen picnic blanket.

Above are my quick drawings of the photos I want to get and helps me with the planning of the whole shoot.

I’m quite excited, and nervous ?, about this photo shoot because I think they’ll look amazing but also I’m the one taking all these photos. So…we’ll see how it goes!

96/100 ready player one

This movie was a lot better than I expected. The VR animation wasn’t bad, the clues and the process kept my attention, and it didn’t quit too soon. I don’t have much to say about this movie, other than it was incredibly enjoyable. A good old fashioned mystery adventure movie in a VR-run future and 80’s music. Maybe if I were older, I’d even get the references. :))

95/100 free thoughts

This evening, I started reading Motherhood by Sheila Heti. Her writing style reminded me a lot of how I used to write. I used to write my thoughts down how they came, and now I just leave them to be thought in my mind.

I’m thinking of making my last post a big list of the things I’ve learned in the past 100 days. It’s gone by quite quickly. I was lucky enough today to have two meals at a restaurant, one with amazing company.

I’m lucky too, I guess, that there are things to keep me occupied right now. Sheila mentioned something about how a child occupies the woman, something about the reasoning people use against abortions. I have her book, my new game, and my business.

I woke up this morning feeling like a failure. Why was I working when no one will see it? When it won’t matter to anyone, maybe even not to me. I wondered what drove me when I was blogging. I was doing pretty much the same thing, and didn’t have a care for who did or did not see it. It was for me. Man, it has been a while since I thought I did anything just for me. I am though, all the time. Setting things up for me in the future that are meant solely to make me feel better. I’m ending the day pretty satisfied, and maybe even with an idea.

No one sees it, fine. No one reads it, fine. I guess it’s their loss. The people who do read it, like it. That’s something.

What will this money mean in a couple years, if anything at all? Looking with that perspective I could care less what happens to it. But what about the clothes, the food, the textbooks I might need to buy with it soon?

As drake says, I’m upset.

94/100 summer sunsets

Sunsets are the most beautiful in the summer, and I can’t help but feel guilty every time I miss one. They make you want to sit outside and just look around you, breathing in the night air as if for the first time. The temperatures are still hot, however, so unless you have a hammock, the only surface you want to be on is your bed. Laying there, sinking into the covers (but outside of them still).

Often, I’ll look out my window and only see the corner of the many colors and feelings of serenity the sunset contains. Laptop next to me, songs being played on repeat, and I stay in the place for almost all of this perfect season.

93/100 how to picnic

A recipe for a nice, easy picnic:

1. Gather your blankets, napkins, utensils, and other necessities (sunscreen!)

2. Bring a cooler with some crackers and a cheese knife and someone else brings the forks.

3. Head to the local fancy grocery store and get two international cheeses, after smelling every cheese available of course.

4. Move on over to the salad area where you get a nice kale Caesar and eye the desserts for a bit.

5. Now you need some drinks! Drive to the last bulk good store before your destination. Find that the only drink they sell individually is sparkling apple cider. You get it.

6. Arrive are your destination!

7. There are too many mosquitos, move locations.

8. Settle down atop some tall grass and start relaxing. Enjoy the skies, the breeze, and fact that you’re drinking cider out of a wine bottle looking thing and your hands are sticky from trying to open it with a knife.

9. Eat the delicious cheese. Enjoy the best kale food item you’ve ever had. Love the people you’re with.