For my first ever 100 Day Project, I chose blogging. My goal was to capture the thoughts I have, the revelations and all the feelings.

And I did. Not always organized, and not always amazing, but the thoughts are my own right in the moment. In these three or so months, I had some big highs and big lows.

The whole of May was a low. It sometimes showed in my posts, but I tried to not let it. The posts I wrote every evening were a chance to remember the good moments of the day. I made a list of favorite things at the moment, fantastic family gatherings, a sweet treat after testing, and even how I managed to cut a few of my dogs nails. When times were truly low, writing out my thoughts and feelings helped too.

I remembered why writing posts made the bad days bearable and the good days memorable. When I was being a “lifestyle blogger” back in the day, I guess I never really got to share these small moments. That’s why making mini albums every December was so fun for me.

I’ll always want to save the memories. I’ve been having a lot of amazing ones these past few years and while they make me forget about my phone and my worries, I still want to pull out the camera (on the phone) and capture a bit of the moment. We’re young and happy and who wouldn’t want to remember that forever?

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