100/100 a worthy achievement


When I look back in days, the start felt like a million years ago, back in April when I still had school, exams, new classes to navigate, and all the beautiful graduation activities.

Looking back in posts, on the other hand, makes me feel like the days were quick and that I didn’t produce much each day. But, I did produce something.

Committing to hard things or new habits has never been hard for me, if there’s a good reason to do so. This project of posting every day wasn’t very hard, but it was also a new part of my daily life that I had to adjust to. The good reason behind it was just that I wanted to see the project through and completion is always so easy when you know all the steps in advance.

Regardless, I’m proud of completing it. I don’t have a lot of side projects these days and the ones I do have don’t have a definitive end. I think I’d like to do more things like that.

I want to thank my lovely boyfriend for supporting all my posts, and reminding me that posting every day for 100 days is a big deal and deserves to be recognized. I shall do that with cake. 🙂

Today was also the day I got another wisdom tooth removed. It marks the start of a week or so of relaxing and staying at home. Oddly, I’ll have plenty of time to write posts and it’s exactly the time when I don’t have to anymore.

I’ll have a round up of the lessons I’ve learned in doing this project coming soon-, but I don’t know what will happen next. Maybe I’ll have more to say in the future. I already feel like I do. 🙂

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