97/100 planning a photo shoot

In the process of redoing the magazine’s website, I’m planning a photo shoot to get some pretty photos for it! Photography has such power in websites (frustrating at times) and I hope to do the magazine justice!

Here’s the plan for the photo shoot!

Theme: sunny film, with a slight grayness over everything. Lots of plants and relaxation.

Locations: my neighbor’s backyard (filled with beautiful plants and sunshine! Additionally, a cafe with window seating and bright lighting.

People: mostly it’s me (or another girl if possible) and someone else’s arms. :))

Props: the magazine, printed version of printables, black notebook, coffee cup with coffee, pretty hand cream, phone, linen picnic blanket.

Above are my quick drawings of the photos I want to get and helps me with the planning of the whole shoot.

I’m quite excited, and nervous ?, about this photo shoot because I think they’ll look amazing but also I’m the one taking all these photos. So…we’ll see how it goes!

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