93/100 how to picnic

A recipe for a nice, easy picnic:

1. Gather your blankets, napkins, utensils, and other necessities (sunscreen!)

2. Bring a cooler with some crackers and a cheese knife and someone else brings the forks.

3. Head to the local fancy grocery store and get two international cheeses, after smelling every cheese available of course.

4. Move on over to the salad area where you get a nice kale Caesar and eye the desserts for a bit.

5. Now you need some drinks! Drive to the last bulk good store before your destination. Find that the only drink they sell individually is sparkling apple cider. You get it.

6. Arrive are your destination!

7. There are too many mosquitos, move locations.

8. Settle down atop some tall grass and start relaxing. Enjoy the skies, the breeze, and fact that you’re drinking cider out of a wine bottle looking thing and your hands are sticky from trying to open it with a knife.

9. Eat the delicious cheese. Enjoy the best kale food item you’ve ever had. Love the people you’re with.

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