90/100 the power of food

An enjoyable trip has to have good food. It’s not hard to achieve these days with the help of Yelp, but it’s just as crucial as ever. When the trip is going well already, good food just solidifies the whole thing into the history books.

When the trip, such as this past weekend’s, is not going well, the agenda is empty and the location is a let down, food is the only thing that can turn things around instantly.

For the first day’s dinner, the family was exhausted but the day was still early. There was a grill so we tried it out. We grilled the meats (without anything fancy) and the fruits, and anything we could get our hands on. It was a family endeavor from the cooking to the taste testing. The food was delicious and satisfying, and ended the day on a warm note.

The next day’s lunch was set as the main event for the day. We drove into town, looked around for a moment, then sat down for some amazing crepes, quiche, soup, and focaccia blt. My attitude was lifted, headache gone, and wasn’t too irritated when the family decided to take some long detours.

Food is amazing. Of course, it can be delicious, any good restaurant will show you. But the power it has in connecting and calming families will never cease to astonish. There’s a reason why family events are best centered around a meal: it’s a fix for everyone.

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