89/100 cooking

A good moment from today.

I realized I’ve gotten so much better at cooking this past year. I credit that almost all to C.

When we first started having homemade lunches together, it was primarily composed of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world. When we weren’t feeling that, it was C who headed the lunch operation and created a nice meal from whatever we had. Through tens of lunches together, my taste buds have grown so much smarter. They can actually identify flavors now and the lack thereof too.

A few months ago, I attempted a week of clean eating for my family. I grocery shopped and I cooked every meal for 5 days. I followed buzzfeed’s planning for this and the practice of reading a recipe and executing taught me just how easy cooking can really be. The food turned out great most of the time, and it always surprised me how easy it was. It also taught me that recipes leave out a lot of steps they think you’ll already know, and I won’t know them. Some more googling and trials can easily fix that though.

Today, I saw a grill and I jumped on it. I grilled what veggies we had, along with some meat and fruit lol. I used my seasoning knowledge to make the most of the few spices available at our hotel and the family liked it! I think they liked everything we grilled.

I realized on the drive here that I live for the “life” accomplishments. While I am incredibly excited by and proud of my work or career related achievements, the ones from my personal life make me even prouder and fulfilled. Learning to cook is a big one that makes me feel put together and prepared for the world. Learning to drive felt like that too. They are big milestones in ones life that may not be unique, but can be so deep and personal that it feels like I’m putting a adding piece onto myself, getting me one step closer to being my fullest.

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