88/100 bunny watching

Bunnies are everywhere this year, and I should’ve seen it coming. We had two bunnies living in the kayaks we kept in the backyard last fall. Come spring, there are bunnies all around if you start looking.

Some are tiny, baby bunnies that could fit into your hand if they left you. Others are fat, bigger than my dog at times and their behinds bounce up and down with each jump.

As much as it annoys my family and the vegetable garden they are trying to grow, I love how the abundance of bunnies has given me a new activity.

Since I want to hang out with both C and my dog, the only activity available right now to fit is taking her for a walk together. We’ll walk all around the park, meet some other dogs in the off leash area, and finally settle at a nice bench.

She’s happy sniffing around and finally laying on the grass. We are happy to a break and chat. After a few minutes, something will move in the corner of my eye. It’s a bunny.

We look and admire the cute animal, watching it nibble on the grass and sometimes sunbathe in it. We almost never only see one, and in another few moments we’ll realize there was a second bunny just a few feet away. We’ll watch that guy for a bit, and when we look back at the first bunny, it’s already moved to reveal even more friends.

This is the first year it’s been such a bunny land over here, but I take it as a sweet gift from the city as we part ways. Here’s another memory that I could only have here, in beautiful, trafficy Seattle, WA.

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