85/100 lessons learned

After a nice hike at one of the mountains that are so close to us (going to miss that on the east coast!), C and I found our car battery, dead. I’ve oddly learned a lot about car batteries recently, and both of us knew what to do.

I wasn’t surprised by the kindness of strangers as we asked if they had jumper cables in their cars. People have always been quite nice around here. I was surprised, however, by how only one person of the more than 20 people we asked had them!

It somehow made me feel a little old fashioned, because for some reason I thought everyone was supposed to have one of those in their car. I did enjoy seeing all the mental notes being taken in people’s minds to make sure to put some cables on their car for the future.

Lesson learned: always have a jumper cable in your car, even if you’ve got one of the new fancy ones that turns everything off when you lock it. 🙂

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