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Currently, I’m…

Reading The Female Persuasion. It’s a popular book right now and while it didn’t initially peak my interest, man oh man is it oddly similar to my life and that means it could become a favorite or definitely not.

Eating at Cafe Flora! C has been recommending this place for a while so we went for Father’s Day. Wait was long and food was delicious, just wish we ate it differently.

Thinking about my health a lot and looking for new healthy summer recipes!

Loving the new season of Grey’s Anatomy that just got released on Netflix. How could I have forgotten just how good this show is? I’ve cried and laughed so many times and I’m only half way through.

Having some hard but necessary conversations that push me to grow even more, and I’m grateful that I see things that way now (most of the time :)).

Waiting to watch the new season of Queer Eye with the boyfriend because it’s a show that can lift us both out of a bad mood and each episode is so, so sweet!

Planning out my summer. Last summer before college and this year, there’s not too much on my list of work goals. However, I do want to push harder in the business and figure out how to sustainably manage it through college. Also I want to do every fun thing I can think of.

Celebrating my high school graduation. No party for me (although I’m excited to attend others’) but I have felt so much love recently from the people around me, proud of me for my accomplishments and cheering me on for the next ones.

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