Month: May 2018

58/100 some favorites

Some favorites as of late. 1. Riverdale! Season 2 dropped on Netflix. 2. Summer capsules/outfits 3. Eyeing these pants! 4. And this necklace. 5. Songs to get pumped to! 1, 2, 3 6. Milano cookies and strawberry shortbread. 7. Browsing through depop! Put some things on sale but also finding so many good (and affordable, […]

57/100 back at it

I’m feeling like I’m getting back at it. Back in the productivity train, and back on the hustle of my own projects. As the schoolwork dies down slowly, the joy I had when working on my own ideas is bubbling back up. I’m getting inspiration for designs and taste for the good things again. Tomorrow, […]

56/100 mdw

I got to spend the evening of Memorial Day with C’s family. The food was amazing and everyone was so kind. I think I’m getting better at talking but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. There are so many things to remember. But, I’m tired (and feeling fulfilled) from the day. I hope […]

55/100 better

My mood today was better. It makes me happy to think that it’s improving and that I may make it out of this. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed when I’m improving: I can talk about problems without them weighing me down (as much). When something not great happens, it lingers for only […]

54/100 new things

I actually went out and bought some clothes for the summer! It was a bit stressful and frustrating as well. My hair and skin never look their best on shopping day. Lines for the fitting room wrap around and around. Nothing looks as good as I thought it would. Walking around gets tiring. By the […]

53/100 productive days

Sometimes I’ll have really productive days. I’ll get everything I need to done, and the little things I’ve been putting off. That energy will keep me motivated and feeling on top of things for a few days. I had one of those days yesterday and it’s been the first in a long while! It made […]

52/100 summer clothes

Summer clothing. It’s my favorite time of year for outfits because not only am I not cold, I also am not bundled under a million layers. My figure can be shown a bit more and things actually fit. I think it’s the time I thrive, both work-wise and outfit-wise. This year, however, I haven’t found […]

51/100 the work

Sitting at my desk today and working through a to-do list of magazine related tasks took me back to the summers of middle school. By then, my parents were willing to let me stay home by myself and I’d wake up with a whole day of my own. Whatever breakfast I wanted (and could make […]

50/100 half way!

Woah. We’re already half way through the #100DaysChallenge #100DaysofIrisBlogging. It’s crazy to me really! I thought it would be manageable and a bit challenging, and I was actually right for once. I hope this means I’m getting to know myself better, at least in the creative side. I have found, however, that I’ve been on […]