1/100 the reasoning

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It’s the first day of the 100 Day Project and I was quite excited about this yesterday. Today, however, it’s a bit of a struggle getting started. I thought I’d begin this project with why I’m doing it and why I chose blogging to be me activity for the next one hundred days.

I’ve followed the along with the #100dayproject of the people I admire on Instagram for the past two years. It always seemed quite daunting, and the last two years have been the busiest right when it started. This year, however, my classes are more relaxed and the only pressure I have is to not waste the days I have before college, the days where the only pressure is my own and uncertainly looms brightly. I’ve read more books this year, listened to more podcasts, and overall built the life I want to have right now. Of course, there is always more to learn about myself and confusion to clear up.

I remember blogging back in middle school. Last year, in the midst of a low point, I remember regretting the fact that I stopped blogging as high school started, the thought of getting serious and preparing for college deterring the hobby I had put so much into. Now, there are a million and one influencers and bloggers, and it seems a bit too late to try to jump back into that world. But with the dust cleared and this room empty, it seems a perfect time to jump back into writing.

Writing, especially for essays and school papers, requires a level of organization. I’ve had a lot of thoughts these past few months, spending more time on my own and having cut out the people and activities that drained my soul. These thoughts vary from why I’m so bad with spending money (too little rather than too much) to where the path lies for me in the upcoming years in the foreign halls of an Ivy League university.

I also think about food, cooking and finding the cheap eats in town. I think about the photos I want to take, the things I want to bring with me to my dorm, and what my style of art really is. I’m thinking about my business, the state of it and the future of it as I move across the country (away from my inventory and suppliers) and the content-creation game is getting saturated around where I’m standing.

There are a lot of thoughts, a couple revelations. If I don’t write them down, they’ll be gone forever. If I don’t publish them, they’ll mean little. This is such a unique time in my life and while there are lots of parts of me I’m figuring out, it is deep in my being to want to record these moments. So, I’m here. And I’ll be here for 99 more days.

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