Year of Self

The night before 2017, I laid in bed and made my resolutions. They included getting an internship or job, making my magazine a bigger priority, and improving my health, among other things. The overarching theme was that this was going to be a year of self.

For the past few years, it felt like everything I did was because of some outside influence, my own desires funneled through and leaving nothing of excitment on the other side. I wanted to let myself do whatever I felt like at the moment in hopes I might find some sort of passion or interest I could latch on to, and learn a little more about myself.

So far, I haven’t found any hobby or activity that I can call my ‘passion’, but I’ve grown and nurtured myself in a surprising, but inevitable fashion. I took the time to get my wardrobe in order and while style is forever a journey, progress has been made. My skin is taken care of, and at some point, we’ll get to hair.

Feeling better on the inside has left me focus inwards. I surround myself with the people and things I love, and try to distance myself from those I don’t. Events and communities that I’ve always been curious about have finally made their way onto my calendar, from small festivals to international conferences.

As school starts later this afternoon, summer continues on in a way. With less classes senior year, I still have control over my time to work and play. Now, these next few months will be a lot more of one over the other, but it’s still in my hands to take care of myself and keep growing. I don’t know who I’ll be once my sweet bubble of summer vacation pops, but I think it’ll be ok.


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