a lazy aesthetic

I got into tumblr this summer and have been on there quite often. It’s a lot easier to reblog someone else’s content than make my own so if you want to see what I’m feeling, head on over there.

packing for two weeks in Spokane.

In July, I went packed my things and sat in a car for six hours, arriving in the city of Spokane, WA. I was to spend the next two weeks sleeping in the dorms, going to lectures, and eating college food. That was basically the camp at Gonzaga Debate Institute. Knowing how tiny the dorms […]

this week in photos: 8.12.15

A week in the life started this past Monday. While I’ve never been good at capturing the daily moments in a form I liked, I’ve always enjoyed these records of each week. So, every week that I can, I’ll post five photos of my past week. Maybe they’ll be from each day, or all from […]

going to the movies (alone)

My usual volunteering partner was gone for the day, so I got off of my shift a few hours early. About two and a half hours really, a perfect chunk of time for a movie. I checked my phone every few minutes as the bus turned from street onto bridge, bridge into Chinatown, and finally […]

renegade seattle 2015.

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed late last week, I found that the infamous Renegade Craft Fair was finally coming to Seattle. And, it was located just a few blocks from my house. It was definitely meant to be.┬áInto Hanger 30 I went, with questions and a recording app in hand. It was […]

lately: movies

Jeez, it is getting really hot in Seattle. Where has our year-round mediocre temps? The coldest part of the house is downstairs, where the flat screen is. And that means movies! Today, I wanted to share with you the movies I’ve watched recently (and loved!). NOW YOU SEE ME A story about how four magicians […]

blog tools: post ideas.

So you’ve got pretty pictures. Now the most important part: your content! Coming up with blog posts and ideas is the main part of blogging and is often the reason behind blogger’s block. Here are my tips/resources to come up with blog post ideas. – Don’t wander around the Internet looking for ideas. You’ll be […]

palouse falls, WA

Just a little hike from the parking lot, Palouse Falls is an oasis amidst a desert. We arrived in the late afternoon but the sun was still high in the sky. There were people camping, hiking, painting, and just hanging out. As the teens say these days, it was pretty chill.

notebook planner.

I knew that freshman year in high school required actual organization skills. And that means *planner!* I had fun looking around, looking at other people’s planner styles and varieties, and I found one that fits me. I used a Moleskine lined notebook that I got in a two-pack at Barnes and Noble. LOVE these. They […]

blogging tools: photos

Photos are a huge deal in blog posts. In today’s world, many blogs are excelling beyond magazine-levels of photography and it’s awesome. So, whether you’re just starting out or you need some photos in a pinch, here are my favorite and most used tools for photos. TAKE THOSE PHOTOS You hear it a lot in […]